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How to Shop Effectively and Safely on the Internet
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The Internet has provided an extremely effective way for stores and suppliers to offer an enormous selection to the consumer at very attractive prices. Competition for your business is fierce, and great deals abound. The key is to find those bargains, and to purchase items safely, at the lowest price, with peace of mind. To attain those goals, Savings Discovery has prepared this list of shopping tips and techniques for you, the savvy consumer:

1. Obtain a credit card which offers complete fraud protection.
Most purchases on the Internet require the use of a credit card. There are several credit card companies which offer cards which offer you complete protection against any fraud resulting from the use of your card on the Internet. In addition to the fraud protection, they offer many other benefits, including low interest rates (only needed if you carry a balance), extended warranty protection, travel offers, and low priced shopping services. Savings Discovery recommends the no annual fee Blue from American Express®. This card is the best choice for Internet purchases, offering many of the features noted previously and more. Also see the Amazon Visa if you like shopping the Amazon site.

2. Use a separate credit card for your Internet Purchases
It is best to keep a unique credit card at home for your Internet purchases. In the unlikely event that fraud is indicated, contacting the car issuer will prevent further purchases being made with the card. Having a separate card available will still allow you to make credit card purchases using your primary card. This concept works in the reverse as well. If the card(s) you carry are lost or stolen, you can use the Internet credit card(s) you keep in a safe place at home. See this link for tips in notifying the proper authorities in the event you suspect credit card fraud or theft.

3. Identify what you are shopping for
In order to properly search the various search engines that Savings Discovery provides, you need to be able to identify what you are looking for in terms that the search engines understand. In some cases this can be a specific make and model number, or the name of an artist, or the title of a CD or DVD. These are specific searches. In other cases, you may be looking for generic items, such as shoes, DVD players, video games, and the like. These are general searches. Or, you may wish to just browse your favorite store, and see what specials they are offering. These are store searches. And lastly you may just wish to see what specials are being offered at all types of stores.
All these types of searches are available here at Savings Discovery, described as follows:
SPECIFIC SEARCHES are available on the SEARCH page. Here you will find a multitude of item specific search engines to find exactly what you are looking for.
GENERAL SEARCHES are primarily made using the Savings Discovery search engine found on the home page. By entering a generic term, such as toys, you will find all the stores related to that search term. If the "keyword" you select is not found, try another related term. For example, if you cannot find purses, try apparel. If you still are having trouble, try browsing the CATEGORIES and STORES pages to find a description of a store which may sell the product you are looking for.
If you know the name you wish to shop, use the Savings Discovery search engine on the home page, or go directly to the store using the STORE listing pages, Hundreds of stores are listed in alphabetical order, and a description for each is included.
Savings Discovery strives to find the best deals on the Net. The best deal for the product you are looking for might be in one store this week, and another store the next. Just like their physical store counterparts, Net Stores offer daily or weekly specials. The products on special may be at or below cost, in an effort to win you over as a customer. These specials are listed on our SPECIALS page. If you would like to sign up for our Newsletter, which will periodically notify you of specials and improvements to Savings Discovery, click here.

4. Compare the overall cost of a product before placing your order.
Make sure you look at the shipping and handling costs associated with a product prior to making you final vendor selection. In some cases these costs are significant. If you can wait a few days for you product to arrive, the savings are substantial over next day delivery. Additionally, many vendors offer free shipping. Sales tax may also be waived if the vendor is not from your home state.

5. Don't forget the Low Price Guarantee
Many stores offer low price guarantees to insure you obtain the lowest price for a product even after you have made your purchase. Search the store site for their customer service guidelines to see if they offer this protection. Stores with low price guarantees (verify before you buy) include Amazon and Circuit City. Read the agreement carefully prior to making your purchases so you know the terms of the low price guarantee exactly. Most have time limits.

6. Record your Purchase Information
Print out the details of your order and store in a safe place in the event you need to contact the vendor regarding your purchase. Most vendors will send you a confirmation email with details about your order as well.

7. Consider buying it used.
Don't overlook the power of the Internet Auction. Both eBay and Amazon offer great deals on nearly new and used items. Many listings offer a "buy it now" option so you don't risk losing the product to a higher bidder.

8. Return to Savings Discovery often
Please use Savings Discovery when you plan on returning to the store or service you have "discovered" through our service. By following the links on our site, we will continue to receive credit for the sales made from that vendor, and you will continue to discover the best places to shop on the Net! If you make our START page your home page, it's easy to return.

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It pays to shop around!


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